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TEBU Team Building Company has been in business for 8 years & individually members of the company have been involved in the industry longer up to 20 years. Our work has taken us into Asia and we have an extensive track record of clientele. 

TEBU  provides high quality, value-for-money activities tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We create imaginative programs with enthusiasm and flair, planning every detail to ensure that your expectations are exceeded, not your budget.

Provide a full spectrum of Team building and Leadership programs to the corporate market for over 15 years.  From staff conferences, team building events, corporate activity days, staff development, motivational events and evening entertainment. 

Our team is dedicated to providing you the highest quality experience designed to produce results! We achieve this by creating an environment where you, the participant, will truly learn.


For all of our events we offer a comprehensive range of supporting services including venue selection, music and entertainment, hospitality and catering. So whatever your requirements, give Tebu the Team building Company the opportunity to provide you with a detailed proposal, at no cost, and we will ensure that you have a memorable and rewarding event.


You want to be sure that it's thoroughly tested and proven, from a company with experience and integrity. You want it to be comprehensive, with everything you need in a single package. You want to know what it "looks like" so there are no surprises (not even one), you want it to come with professional facilitators who will attend to every detail, and most importantly you want your meeting attendees to have a great time.


TEBU Team building Company have designed programs that build strong teams and have conducted them across the country and around the world. So relax. partnering with TEBU means that your corporate teambuilding program will be exactly what it should be: effortless for the meeting planner, effective in its outcomes and enjoyable.


  • Quality of Programs: team building, leadership, and management training programs are designed, tested, and refined to ensure every event is perfect.
  • Engaging: Corporate people want to be engaged and challenged. We introduce the perfect mix of challenge and fun into every event.
  • Organized: From the very first phone call, to the first moment a participant enters our world, to the very end of the program, every detail is accounted for. Our meticulous attention to detail allows your participants to relax, play, interact, and engage.
  • Experience: As a company we organise numerous team building and leadership training programs every year to demanding and satisfied clients across the country. We know how to improve business team work and we know what works with corporate clientele.
  • New Programs: We offer many programs no one else does. Tired of seeing the same old events passed off as something new? Surprise and elate your participants with something they have never seen or heard about!
  • Programs Anywhere: We travel wherever your meeting is. Unlike many companies that will travel if necessary, our business model is built around high-end mobile events.
  • Full Spectrum of Team Building and Leadership Training Programs: From high energy networking to intense leadership training, inside a ballroom to the ocean beach, 15 people to 1,500 people, and everything in between, we offer top quality programs to fit your need. Regardless of what type of program, it's location, or how many people attend, each of our programs is specifically designed to dramatically improve team work in business.
  • Our client list is impressive. From small organisations to household names. We work in the public, private and charity sectors. We work nationally and internationally.
  • Our simulations mix enjoyment and challenge in equal measure. Tackling our challenges requires the same kind of skill sets and team approaches that your people need at work. So individual and team learning is relevant and effective.
  • As a team building company we endeavour to cover as many facets of a team event as possible to allow you to relax and have a great time.  
  • Broadened our Learning and Development Programs.  Tebu now provides a whole sweep of skills based team development programs that have become hugely successful.  From Know Yourself Know Your Team, Influential Communication, Being Productive, Time Management programs that all are designed to bring the best out of your people.
  • Team Development Days - Many clients want a mix of team building skills and fun team building programs to deepen the knowledge base of the team as well as facilitate the social bonding.  We now offer comprehensive value for money packages for full day team development.


Contact Tebu for further team building activities information.


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