Group Team Building Activity



All the thrills of an amazing race, teamwork, decipher codes, problem solving & handling a changing environment using the most advanced interactive map technology.

Make your event a real team adventure. The clock is ticking!



A Scavenger Hunt combined with the most advanced Ipad technology to bring your team all the thrills of an amazing race, activities and adding a dash of a cat and mouse to a scavenger hunt formula. It is simply brilliant and can be run anywhere.

One of the newest features to outdoor team building programs is GPS clue map technology.  Each team uses one mobile phone or ipads and clues that assist them to move through the city.  It is free, interactive with each new set of clues received your team has to diagnose, discover and test their problem solving skills as they navigate the city streets, solve challenging team exercises and discover parts of their area that they have never seen before. 


  • Great outdoor program decoding problem solving adventure
  • Activities that will have your team in stitches
  • Code breaking and map reading
  • Shopping challenges and assignments
  • Metal detector searches
  • Locate mystery rendezvous and actors (our staff)
  • Latest ipad clue finding texting technology for interaction with clues
  • A special plot that will have everyone enthralled

Amazing Scavenger Races programs include;

  • Foot and Rail Scavenger Race
  • Run for the Money Scavenger Race
  • Photo Shoot Scavenger Race
  • Spy Mission Scavenger Race
  • Super Heroes Scavenger Race
  • Locations can be anywhere .....CBD, Rocks, Parramatta, Darling Harbour, Hyde Park, Kiama, Wollongong, Manly, Bondi Beach the list is endless of where we have run them.

Activities we use require planning, communication, problem solving skills, thinking laterally and persistence as well as being big on FUN and teamwork.


“"Thank you so much. Everyone raved about the session and really enjoyed working together. Your team was fantastic."

- The Next Step

“Yes it was an awesome day! The team loved it and definitely plenty of positive feedback about the program J Thanks so much.  Awesome!

- Ticketek

“Yes it was an awesome day! The team loved it and definitely plenty of positive feedback about the program J Thanks so much.



  • 100% engaging

  • Group size can be up broken up into small teams

  • There are so many stories and great experiences that will emerge from the day

  • A brilliant process to get to know a location and at the same time participate in some creative and out of the box activities

  • We use the latest in clue finding mobile phone technology so that teams can receive cryptic clues via their mobile phone



This is the most versatile program ever created.  Can be done at your next venue location, in the CBD, around a town - anywhere!  This is one of its most unique strengths.  It incorporates the best of the outdoor environment with a fun adventure that galvanises teamwork like no other program experience.



  • Coverage of all data costs

  • Digital cameras or ipads

  • Props

  • Team Equipment

  • Drinks

  • Staff

  • Some locations where integrate a luna park ride or a trip on a pirate ship.  There are many suggestions we have to offer to make your scavenger hunt program a memorable one

After the event, your group will unwind, laugh at the shared experiences and celebrate.


For more information on scavenger hunts ....have a look at a scavenger where the plot is located around stolen artworks and intrigue!  Or if you are looking for a hair raising plot of being spies then read more and look at this team activity - Ransom

Scavenger Hunts are incredible team builders!

Enquire about this Team Building Activity below:


Scavenger Hunt – Amazing Scavenger Race




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