"Many thanks for this - much appreciated.  Thank you again to you and your team for what was a highly successful activity with our group - everyone loved it and really enjoyed themselves.

 I look forward to working with you all again in the future."

ABC Television

"Thanks for a great day on Monday, it was a true success.  It was probably the most enjoyable workshop I’ve ever been involved in and I think it will do wonders with regard to forming and cementing a number of relationships across the project, as well keeping people well and truly focused on the Seven Fundamentals."


"Thank you for organising the activity at such short notice.  We all enjoyed taking part and I felt that it did break down a few barriers.  Also, thank you for the photos it was very kind of you to take them."



"Thank you for the wonderful day.  It was better than expected – and we sure all learnt a lot! We will definitely be using you again in the future."


"Thank you for a great morning yesterday, we’ve had a lot of 'great feedback' from the teams about how well organised it was.  In particular, they liked collecting money rather than it being time bound and having to run everywhere." 



"Yes the whole activity was great...our guys were slow to start then they really got into it and had a great time. All were raving about how much fun it was...to see the movies back was hilarious, and everyone was most impressed by the "real" Oscar trophy.  So thank you so much."



”Everyone had a very good time, both with the Trivia and the team activities. 

One person (who was very skeptical about this sort of thing) said it was the best program he'd ever been on.”



On behalf of the delegates at the Australian Stock Exchange conference last month, I would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your team for the team building activities you provided the delegates.  The activities you organized were enjoyed by all participants even those who weren't so keen on the early start on Saturday.  On a personal note, I am most grateful for your assistance with the planning of this important part of the program and I look forward to working with you again in the future. 



Firstly - thank you very much to you and your team for such a fabulous activity on Friday.  The whole office had a ball, and it had such a positive effect on the team that we are all still talking ( and laughing! ) about it today!  It is a great concept, and we all got a lot out of it.  Thank you!


Heaps of fun - the best team activity we've had in years and very worthwhile from a team perspective. It was nice to have an activity that didn't focus so much on team-building, but made it more of a by-product of a fun activity. Fabulous, excellent, terrific, fantastic, unsurpassed, best yet, etc...


Our people were extremely tired ("jaded" even) after a very intense business conference. 

But very soon after immersing themselves in the movie-making venture, the creative juices flowed and pent-up emotional energy found a very positive vent.
A number of folks bounced up to me like little kids, thanking me (with accompanying hugs) for arranging this activity, saying 'This is just the best!'  And during the showing of the movies at the gala dinner that evening, more hugs and expressions of thanks came my way.



“Just a short note to thank you for conducting the team building/ communication training for my team last Monday.  Following on from the session all staff were saying how much they enjoyed the content and the manner in which it was presented.  I have been to a number of similar sessions and I can honestly say it was one of the best that I have been to.  Once again thank you very much for being part of what was a very successful couple of days for my team and I.”



Great feedback from all… like great feedback!!



Can you please extend our sincere thanks and praise to your amazing team for their time and professionalism. The tailor specifics activities that your team created for us made the Bob Jane T-Marts Survivor challenge a high energy team challenge for all involved. The National Conference was a huge success and we have received fantastic feedback from the franchisees. Once again thank you to everyone involved, keep up the great work!



A HUGE thanks to you and your team for the most successful Booz Allen team building event to date, and to think I have been doing these for 8 years!!  I have had nothing but fantastic feedback on your team, the idea and the overall movie and awards night.  Anyone from our company would be happy to recommend you anytime.



“Absolutely super we had a fantastic evening.”



“Once again a special thanks to you and your team for ‘invigorating’ Snooze and helping us to reinvigorate our Core Values!”


"Thanks very much for your contribution during our short seminar , your staff were great and our team had a good time.”


"Our team thoroughly enjoyed Friday's activities and the winning team proudly drank from their trophy on Friday night!  Thanks for all your help pulling Friday together at such short notice, I really appreciate it.  Be assured I will recommend you to anyone thinking of a similar event."


“I want to do it again.” 



“Thanks for your help with everything.
I think everyone really enjoyed themselves and were surprised at how much they actually got out of it!”



“The trivia night was a fun way to spend the evening. 

The variety of questions and activities ensured everyone's skills were covered.     




"Our team thoroughly enjoyed the challenges provided us with as part of the group activities and high ropes course.  We enjoyed the challenge of working together in our teams as part of the group challenges on the ground.  We also enjoyed the challenge by choice on the climbing wall and high ropes course.  We found the your team to be very supportive in helping us through the afternoon, as well as being fun and encouraging.
The trivia night was a fun way to spend the evening.  The variety of questions and activities ensured everyone's skills were covered.



"Everyone had a really great time yesterday, I saw some people do so things they swore they were not going to do so that was really great for them. I would just like to say thank you very much to you, Garry and your team it was a fantastic experience for us all and everyone enjoyed themselves."     

ERNST YOUNG                                       

"Everyone enjoyed it immensely and it contributed greatly to the success of our retreat.  A lot of guys commented on how the easy going teaching style of your team contributed to them feeling safe to overcome any fears so please pass that on."  

ERNST AND YOUNG                                                                                                                                     

"We all had a fantastic day, thank you so much!
I have only received very positive feedback from everyone J
They are hilarious, are you able to send all the photos? Or put them on a disc, whatever is easier?"


"Feedback for the weekend was all very good, so in all it was a success. The activity was an absolute highlight, and we will certainly be interested to know of any new challenges that you and your team come up with for our next conference."



"The weather was exceptional and the team that looked after us were extremely professional and fun to be with."


“After running many team building conferences we were looking for a WOW factor this year.  The Kendo certainly fitted the bill.  Everyone finished the day on a high with a sense of satisfaction and a real team high.  Overall your team was a very professional and have no hesitancy in recommending them.”


By the end of the team building activities the whole team was energised and absolutely pumped. The energy has continued into this week!


Everything went really well at the conference.  In The Zone was thoroughly enjoyed by all, it really brought out their competitive streaks and gave us all a laugh at the same time.  I haven’t spoken to any Proprietors this week but when I do I’ll pass on to you any feedback.


‘Thank you for organising such great team building activities, we go on conferences every year and everyone said that this one was by far the best (especially the team building exercises).

We had a lot of fun and hope to do it all again next year. I will definitely give you a call to organise next year.’


Yes the feed back was fantastic.  Those who experienced the film making etc thought it was more fun than the "Big Picture Challenge" so we work together again in the future I'm sure.


Just a quick note to say a big thank you to the team at Dimensional Thinking for helping to make our 2006 conference last week such a success.
The Murder Mystery Evening on Tuesday was extremely well received and
from all reports everyone had an absolute ball


What can I say! You and your team were an absolute hit!    Our entire team's response, both during the making of the movies and at the awards dinner, clearly indicated the activity was

a huge success!


Thanks so much for your event – nothing but praise from the team!


"Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for a great day. The feedback was very good!


'Power of 1' at Peppers Salt Resort  last February.  The afternoon tree planting exercise and whole sustainability theme was hughely successful and has set a precedent for future conferences !    I would like to thank you for your outstanding professionalism, flexibility and willingness to assist  in the most pro active manner from inception to the conclusion of this conference.  It was a pleasure to work with you and helped make our jobs so much easier in the process


"Again thank you for a wonderful experience."


"Thank you very much for running such a great Team Building event for our staff!
 Yes the weather was just perfect for us, not too hot and not wet at all."


Everyone had an absolute ball on both the ropes course and the Directors cut movie making.


"I would just like to congratulate you all on an exceptional job well done. The team activity exceeded everyone's expectations, and most certainly boosted team morale and livened up the whole conference…Your choice of team activities was superb. I had no idea they would be so challenging and so suitable to the work environment. It was especially rewarding to see the different team dynamics, and the evolution of potential leaders.
I look forward to future conferences, where your skills will most certainly
be called upon again. Once again, as before, thanks for a job well done."



"The feedback was brilliant regarding the Directors Cut, never heard so much laughter from a group before and a great way for us all to get to know one another."


The feedback on the movie making activity was just wonderful. Thank you for creating such a successful activity! You took all the pressure off me and it was just lovely for a change to be able to relax and enjoy the experience. The staff thoroughly enjoyed the activity and are still talking about it...


We've received fantastic feedback from attendees and just wanted to say a big thanks for you and your team's enthusiasm, energy and creativity on the day (and all of the work leading up to it).


“The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and upbeat. 

The combination of quiz questions and competitions made for different skills and friendly rivalry.”


Thank you, the conference went very well, as did the outdoor activities you ran. Everyone enjoyed and got a lot out them and many people did things they didn’t think they’d be able to do. It was great. Thanks


Everyone enjoyed all the sessions so much.  Zukes asked a few people how it was all going and the response was always that the sessions with you were brilliant.  Thank you!


Just wanted to thank you and your team for organising and running such great team building event at our conference. It was a big hit - we are all terribly competitive..!!


I want to thank you and your crew for a great afternoon with the team. I spoke to the majority of people at the dinner and all had lots of fun and found the activities a great way to end the conference… Please pass on my appreciation to your crew and once again thanks very much for a terrific afternoon.  A lot of comments were along the lines that it was the best team building activity they had taken part in and would love to do it all again.


Firstly I just wanted to say thank you again to Peter and you for a great session on Tuesday.
The feedback has been very positive and I think it will certainly be a memorable event for the participants.



Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for doing a great job on Friday.

The feedback from both Nokia and Vodafone was extremely positive and everyone had a great time. I think we have a good basis to go forward with.



I'd like to thank you and your team for the very fun and enjoyable afternoon making movies at the Fairmont Resort. The Oscars night was also a success and feedback from the whole group was very positive.



The afternoon was just what was required, the levels of the activities were great as the team had had a pretty rough morning coming to grips with some issues that and been pushed under the carpet for about 8 months and they surfaced unexpectedly and needed to be dealt with.  All three experiential activities gave us a rich vein to tap into in the discussions that followed on the importance of communication, role clarity and process.



As the Project Manager for NRMA Motoring & Services Leadership Program I am very impressed with the way your team has tailored the program to suit our needs.  You listened to our needs and with their talented supportative staff have assisted us with embedding Leadership Skills into our everyday work practices.  Mission Omega is a vehicle for participants to practice leadership learning's from our past programs.  The strengthening of internal networks and breaking down of the silos is visible 4 weeks post first program and the personal insights participants are taking away with them and upon reflection is reassuring to me that we are on the right track with Leadership Development for our organisation.  Mission Omega is a very powerful program at many levels, personal, team, manager and leadership level.  Mission Omega is the program participants will never forget.  Great work Dimensional Thinking, a huge THANKS to Garry and all of his team. 



Thanks again for the opportunity today. I thought your team worked really well together and really seemed to enjoy the afternoon.


Thanks for organizing the scavenger hunt, It was a great fun day for everyone involved


I just wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and the Team for one awesome day.  The Directors Cut was amazing and our entire team embraced the concept. (they are still laughing today!) I have no doubt that ParkTrent will benefit from the experience.


The program developed was excellent.  Our team arrived at the site not sure of what was required of them.  The venue was excellent and the course proved to be interesting and challenging.  The teams were working for all rather than working separately.  Each member contributed and was able to use their skills to the best advantage.  They are still talking about the fun they had and asking when they can do it again.



Feedback was extremely positive – and all of them loved the final challenge!

I look forward to working with you in the future


“The kendo was very unique, I don't think anyone was quite expecting that.  As you mentioned, it was vastly different from the activities that we did last year. “


Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!
Everything was fantastic, slow start but everyone warmed up to it and then
actually asked to see the Pitches a second time at the presentation.
Partners got a thrill out of it also.



Thank you for a lovely morning at Peppers. My team was really surprised and had a great day ever!  Once gain, thank you for your assistance.



Just a quick note to say thank you for organizing the corporate Kendo for our sales team this pass Friday.  We all had a lot fun and are still laughing about it this morning in the office. 


 My team was really surprised and had a great day ever!  Once gain, thank you for your assistance


Our team arrived at the site not sure of what was required of them.  The venue was excellent and the course proved to be interesting and challenging.  The teams were working for all rather than working separately.  Each member contributed and was able to use their skills to the best advantage.  They are still talking about the fun they had and asking when they can do it again.



You guys/gal were outstanding. You were the catalysts for the energy, enthusiasm, fun and social bonding our teams needed. An outstanding day at work - your professionalism and friendliness was certainly a key element to a successful afternoon.




Appreciate your great attention to all the detail you put into it.



“What a great success! Thank you for everything.
With regards to the activity we were very pleased with your delivery [as] it wasn't contrived or forced but rather a relaxed approach. I think we are all professional enough to know why we were there and what we were meant to get out of it. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.”



Thanks again for a fabulous day and evening.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.


“Just a brief note of thanks for the very active and exciting Team Challenge Program  Can you please extend our sincere thanks and praise to your staff who were so "patient" with us ha ha. All of the staff would like a repeat of the outside activity next year as most staff noticed that everybody was talking to each other and achieving their objectives as a group.”

"Thanks for the photos and for the event yesterday.  We all had a great time and will be in contact for future events!"


"The Leaders Training Course is challenging, both mentally and physically. I haven't before experienced such an uplifting environment. Everything about this place worked for us... the warmth and the cabins, walking through the stillness of the valley, seeing the wombats and kangaroos. It helped to rebuild our sense of ourselves as individuals and a group. Thank you for sharing this with us."


“The content, activities and venue were all outstanding and definitely exceeded my expectations. It was probably the best Managers’ week I’ve been involved with.”



“Just wanted to thank you both for coordinating one of the best personal & professional development programs I have ever attended.   I went into last week wanting to fully dedicate myself to the program and hopefully learn more about who I am and why I do the things that I do!”


A big, big, big ‘Thank You’ to you & your team for delivering a fantastic afternoon/evening of fun & enjoyment with the Directors Cut program. The session has certainly been the talk of the conference with everyone saying it is the best team building program they have ever been involved in.  I can honestly say that these comments coming from our group is not an easy feat.

Your program had some of our more shy, retiring types coming out of their shells to be ‘stars’ for the day – well done.  Thank you also for MC’ing our awards evening ~ the atmosphere that you built with the group’s anticipation of seeing their movies & resulting oscar awards ceremony was awesome.  Rob & I would like to personally thank you for your time & efforts in bringing the program together for us.  Your laid back, easy going style is certainly contagious which made for a stress free lead up to what was undoubtedly a brilliant day.



Thanks so much. The team enjoyed themselves so much and they are still talking about it.



The best team building we have ever done!



“You were an integral part of this development. We thank you for all your efforts. The program without doubt exceeded our expectations.”


"Feedback was excellent! Comments such as "best teambuilding ever!" were common"..


Just wanted to send a quick thank you for yesterday. We caught up over a beer yesterday afternoon and everyone agreed it was a really fun experience, challenging at times, but for a team that is fairly new and comprises of several different personalities, it worked really well. Everything was well run and will definitely recommend the experience to the other PA’s around the office. Thanks for the great facilitation and just quietly, the end product was surprisingly good! Ha ha.




Thank you so much for your facilitation & organisation of the Team Building activity at our Sales Conference last week.  Feedback is that everyone enjoyed the activities and it backed on really nicely to the Well Being presentation we had earlier in the day.



Everybody had a ball!  The anticipation was huge, and although some had
an idea, for the most I think our staff thought we were doing a murder
mystery.  I just love surprising them.
  A big thank-you to you and the team who were excellent.



“The team had a ball from all feedback.  Feedback was also that you provided a very professional adventure, so thank you for that.”


Your section of the conference was absolutely brilliant. I am just sorry I did not get to see it, after all, it was my idea to get you guys in (laughing). Thanks a million


Thanks again for your support and direction at our Conference. Everyone enjoyed each aspect of the 3 days - the Round Robin technique was an extremely successful, and the movie task was sensational.


 It was a very successful event.  Feedback from everyone was that they really enjoyed it.   Thank you for all your efforts in organising the event, it was wonderful and ultimately achieved what we were hoping for.

" The activities that we participated in where exactly the right mix to encourage teambuilding, fun and some very interesting challenges.  The 'raw egg' challenge was a particular hit, however for me personally, keeping the ping pong ball moving through the pvc tubing was the most challenging, energetic and fun. Thanks for a terrific day."   “We greatly appreciate the guidance that you provided us with in structuring the Conference to achieve the necessary objectives and outcomes required by our organisation.  Your assistance with the group sessions right through to the support you provided to each individual breakout group was integral to the success of the Conference.  With you facilitating the event as you recommended, it allowed Paul and Nick to be fully utilised within the groups, which added immense value to the outcomes achieved.”           



Thanks for being involved, everyone at the conference enjoyed the movie making activity and it really helped get everyone on board


Well the feedback was terrific, and you and your team made the weekend the success that it was, and please pass this message on to your staff.



Thank you so much for everything. I cannot tell you how wonderful everyone thought the whole afternoon was. I have been looking through the feedback forms and they all listed the team building exercise as one of the best things during the conference. So THANK YOU so much to you and your entire team!!!!!!!



The feedback regarding the team activities has been great. Many thanks for all your hard work on this one.  Thinking caps on now for next year!. Thank you very much for everything.  As usual it was great working with you and look forward to our next event.


Fantastic, the challenge allowed everyone to participate; everyone was able to use the different skills they had learnt.  A great team effort.


As you are aware the team gained immense pleasure both mentally and physically stimulating during the course structure


On behalf of The Wine Society, I would like to express my appreciation for
the fantastic team building activities you arranged at such short notice for our recent management conference.  Your responsiveness to our requirements ensured the activities were thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated.  I will definitely recommend Dimensional Thinking for our future team building needs.


Firstly, would just like to say thank you. You’re team were fantastic – always professional & a pleasure to deal with.  They were always more than willing to help and got on really well with our team.  The trivia night was fantastic and the movie session was even better – everyone loved it! “









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