Conference Icebreakers

Have a Break!!! Break out of that meeting and clear your head for 30 minutes or an hour and refresh your Team with a Conference Breaker, each one will compliment different types of event, improving team interaction and communication. Get to know your team-mates, break down barriers and really energise your meeting. Here are a few suggestions! Enjoy them.


A classic teambuilding activity in which a group is challenged to physically support one another in an endeavour to occupy an ever diminishing space.


ANIMATE Conference Icebreaker and Energiser

The ID Workshop conference icebreaker grasps a natural opportunity to animate your delegates as they arrive at your conference. This icebreaker creates an instant buzz with meaningful interaction between people. ID Workshop lasts for about 15 minutes with tea and coffee at the start of your day. It kicks off your conference with a flying start because it's simple, effective and fun.


When everybody in your group first gathers for your meeting or conference it's common for them to collect a name badge. Then people tend to stand around and chat over coffee normally with other people they know. Sometimes people make an extra effort to talk to someone they don't know.


Instead of picking up a pre-printed name badge participants collect the materials they need to make their own creative name badge in this ID Workshop icebreaker. Instantly everyone interacts and has something to talk about because each name badge becomes a talking point.


BIRTHDAY Game Ice Breaker

The objective is for the group to form a circle around the room standing in the correct order of their date of birth, so starting with early January and ending with late December.



This is a photographic challenge whereby each team is given a list of headlines or topics, which can be real, imaginary or related to your company or project.


CATCH ME IF YOU CAN Teambuilding Activity

Change something about your appearance (i.e. change a watch to different wrist, unbutton a button, remove a belt, etc.). The change must be discrete, but visible to the partner. The players again turn in to face each other and have 30 seconds to discover the physical changes that have been made. Players get to interact with each other and have fun!


COMIC STRIP CHAOS Teambuilding Activity

Each participant takes a turn at picking a comic frame out of the large container. After the entire group has each chosen one, the participants begin to search for others with the same comic strip sequence. After the participants have found everyone in their group, they must arrange themselves so that the sequence of frames are in chronological order to form the comic strip correctly. Upon completion of sequence, the newly formed group sits down together. Great game to break large group into smaller groups.


CONFUSION Teambuilding Activity

Great high energy game to help participants begin to feel more comfortable in new group. Give each participant a sheet with various tasks and ask them to complete it when you say, GO!



From the visual image presented, the teams' task is to produce a presentation to the other teams to include a number of set criteria.


GOTCHYA Icebreaker Activity

Fast-moving 5 min. group activity to get people together and focused. In a circle, right finger on next person's left palm. Try to grab a finger before yours gets grabbed.


GROUP JUGGLE Teambuilding Activity

Throw balls to others in a sequence, using each person's name. Works every time.


HUMAN MACHINE Icebreaker Activity

Without any props or materials, teams have only their own bodies to construct a series of objects from a Lynx Helicopter to the Eiffel Tower.



In a circle, people put their arms in and hold someone else's hand, then try to unravel the knot without letting go of hands. Involves getting physically close to others, stretching, laughing and problem solving.


MATCHING PAIRS Conference Icebreaker and Energiser

Matching Pairs is an icebreaker and energiser that lasts from 5 – 15 minutes at any time of the day. It requires people to ask each other a few specific questions to find their match which creates a hive of activity as people talk to each other and move around the room.


MINI SCULPTURE Icebreaker Activity

Each team is given a selection of bits and bobs and basic art materials. Teams must create a sculpture from materials supplied that depicts a given company message or vision. These are displayed at the end of the event in our very own 'Gallery'.


PAPER TOWER Teambuilding Activity

Each team is given 100 sheets of A4 paper and some sellotape, their task is to construct the tallest tower possible, within the set time limit that will support a golf ball on top.


SPIDERS WEB Teambuilding Activity

Weave your way through the different obstacles without setting off any of the booby traps. Each person has to find a different route through the spider’s web and is blindfolded so has to be guided by a team mate.


TALLEST TOWER Icebreaker Activity

Using the blocks teams race head to head to build the tallest tower, with only a few minutes available for this teams must plan and work quickly. With the time pressure mistakes can be made and towers can easily tumble to the ground without proper planning. The tallest tower recorded at a set time will be our winner. Teams can’t hold it up.


TRUE OR FALSE Icebreaker Activity

Have participants say three things about themselves - two true and one false. Other participants guess what the lie is. The correct guesser goes next.


T SHIRT MASTERPIECE Teambuilding Activity

Design and print your own exclusive T-shirts, then launch your new collection with music, lights and commentary on the Catalyst Catwalk.


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