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In today's busy world of modern technology, often we forget that effective communications is the foundation for success in everything we do, not only in our professional lives, but our personal lives as well.

No matter your role in an Organisation, the interpersonal space is the single most important domain we all need to excel in.  How we command ourselves & influence is critical to our own success & how we add value in our role.  We teach an exquisite program of skills & communication templates that will dramatically increase your flexibility and ability to effect others. 



  • What is real communication?
  • What is the communication process?
  • Using Your Voice: The Art of Assertive Communication
  • Learn the HOOK-POINT-VALUE Model.  A simple & powerful formulae for organizing your thoughts into a direct, compelling request.
  • Learn principles of DIALOGUE
  • Skills of Advocacy, how to communicate within the interpersonal space and have effective Dialogue and how to balance these.
  • Remove BLOCKS to dialogue, the four tools to use.
  • The CAGE model - how we interpret what we hear
  • The Yes BUT Game.  A simple and powerful game that demonstrates how your language can either block our creativity and bonding or enhance them.
  • Good talkers do not always make good listeners.  Understand the four LISTENING skills to building influential communication.
  • Learn how to increase your accuracy of perceptions in order to become a better OBSERVOR of people and to know what is required in the development of team.
  • You will come away increasing your own ADAPTABILITY skills through having a higher level of tolerance for other people with different styles and when you perceive that you have credibility with that person..
  • Resolve Workplace CONFLICT. Understanding how to use breakdowns as powerful opportunities to create breakthroughs in communication and relationship building.
  • Building a team requires developing a deeper understanding of what the talents and needs of your group members enabling for more FLEXIBILITY and responsiveness to each other.


“You were an integral part of this development. We thank you for all your efforts. The development of building our team without doubt exceeded our expectations.” - THOMSON MARCONI SONAR


Session Highlights:


Excellent for:

  • Listening Skills Exercise
  • Building Mutual Respect
  • Intentional Conversation
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Building Rapport
  • Becoming a more effective leader


“Everyone enjoyed all the sessions so much.  Asked a few people how it was all going and the response was always that the sessions with you were brilliant.  Thank you!” - MILLWARD BROWN

2 - 3 hours

A handout is given at the Workshop.


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