Accountability Team Building – Above the line leadership

Want to eliminate complaining, excuses and blame?

Personal accountability is not about changing others, its about making a real difference by changing ourselves.


Personal accountability is about each of us holding ourselves accountable for our own thinking and behaviors and the results they produce. We know that we cannot change other people but can be responsible for how we respond to the circumstances and events that be front us. Response-ability is looking at your own deck of cards and making the best of them NO MATTER HOW BAD THEY LOOK!

The only things we have any real control over are our own thoughts and actions.  Therefore the most powerful step in taking personal responsibility for our own development is to assume that whatever is out there is the direct result of something I have done or failed to do and is not someone else's fault.  Response -ability is your source of power as it is your opportunity to align with your values and what you stand for and to influence the situation at hand.

When you find yourself behaving in below the line behavior, ask yourself …

  • “Is there an ongoing story that I or we have bought into?”
  • “Is someone playing the victim?” “Any gaps?”
  • “What can I take responsibility for here?"
  • “What am I responsible/accountable for here?”
  • “How can I be accountable for this?

These sorts of questions will help you regain your power and feelings of control over the situation.  Life is full of uncertainties. It presents us with the unexpected, the unasked for and, sometimes, the unthinkable. We struggle to understand and accept these events, to find meaning in them. They can cause us to find the heroic within ourselves and in so doing we find self-understanding, acceptance, resolution, humour, courage, wisdom and more.
So any time you place a demand on some one else, “you make me angryʼ, you have put your happiness into some one elseʼs hands. You become the victim, they are to blame for your feeling upset. How can you empower yourself to consciously create your own well being in a relationship when it depends on others? There is nothing wrong with telling them about how you feel and what your preferences are but do not use it in a way that increases the relationship distance.

  • The Victim - pays attention to what he cannot influence
  • The Player - pays attention to what he can influence
  • The Victim - is in the grandstand watching others
  • The Player - is on the ground making a difference

Of course no one is simply one of the above.  These describe tendencies we have in human behavior.


  • Activity - Above the Line Leadership
  • The Victim vs The Player
  • Mirror principle
  • Why does the pen fall activity?
  • The house of 3 levels activity
  • Simon sais! activity
  • Below and Above the line behavours - where the buck stops with you.
  • How to reframe life experiences and take responsibility for what happens around you
  • Work hard on your job and yourself
  • Making accountability personal
  • Reframing personal leadership


"Thanks to you and your team for facilitating such a fun activity last week – everyone really enjoyed it."                                                                  I - MED


8 - 100


1-2  hours for the program.  Many variations available. 


No limitations – can be indoor or outdoors

In some locations Tebu has its own v. unique complete production studios with settings and scenes and production studio all at the fingertips of each team.  Makes for an incredible team development experience where they really feel like an advertising agency equipped to do the job. 


Watch team development at its best as your team experience life on both sides of the camera and film their own quality production.


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