Team Building Art – Team Masterpiece


Unleash your teams inner talents that you never

thought possible through effective collaboration!




Let your teams inner talent shine through a series of ingenius team building art exercises and clever skills on how to communicate through using the medium of paint.  Teams will be on a quest to create their own version of an art classic all under the disguise of fun. They will pick up some clever tips that will bring it all together for them as they immerse themselves in paint & canvas.  They will learn about how to make an impression and distilling their thoughts and ideas into a sketch.  Included is the secrets of great painters and they will learn more about each other in the process!  At the end of the amazing team building art program is your Team Masterpiece that can be hung up on your office wall! 

PVC Banners, large mural combinations and canvas are all options.



I received the art work!!! They do look fantastic. I will arrange for them to be hung up in the next couple of days. I would like to say that everyone at the workshop thought it was great. You did a great job. You're attitude and approach was perfect.


“Thanks again for Tuesday, the team had a great time and were all fired and ready for our Wednesday creative brainstorming,


"Thanks for a great day this Monday, it was a true success.  It was probably the most enjoyable workshop I have ever been involved in."



  • Guided by our acclaimed artist facilitator your group works together to design and paint an impressive masterpiece that embodies the heart of your team in a fun, meaningful and creative way.
  • Watch your team lose their inhibition and become creative!  Our series of icebreaker exercises allows every one to relax, to become less competitive, to become grounded as they discover the power of art in communicating.  We know how to make it happen seamlessly! 
  • Through a series of interactive exercises they quickly learn some painting skills and begin to appreciate the power of symbols and images in communication.
  • Before we commence the room will be transformed into a complete art studio!  We take care of everything! Or even better come and join us at our own art studio.
  • Working in small groups every one is a participant and everyone contributes to the proces. Team Building Art comes together by creating something they never thought possible,
  • Learn about the five hats of creativity and how they can transform your approach to work.
  • Requires collaboration, keen observation and listening skills
  • V powerful medium for exploring values and business concepts



  • Progress through a series of fun and failure-proof creative exercises using simple art materials.  The process builds through a range of ingenious art team building activities with teamwork being the by product.
  • Bonding as a team and everyone gets to know each other as they explore the medium of Art.
  • Development of a mutual understanding of skills within the team
  • Opening up communication channels and foster an environment where it is OK to take risks and make mistakes
  • Tapping into their amazing creativity!!
  • A session with high fun and great energy and big smiles
  • Can link in many ways to your conference around vision or values or any desired theme


This high-energy session enables participants to discover their creative potential and that of their team mates, work together to create something they never thought possible.


GROUP SIZE    6 - 120


TIME    2 - 3 hours


SPACE   Art Team building is highly mobile and can be run in any suitable indoor space. We can recommend places and locations but if you have already found your venue we would be delighted to speak with them to check that the space is appropriate.

Team Building Art is a fun bonding experience that will be long remembered.


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