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Mike Moore watch out!
Each team is the hottest advertising agency that is ready to re shape your business and give you a new edge 



As far as activities go, the Buzzz is great for team building and team bonding all in one.  Get ready for this, your teams assignment is to create a new make over with one of your teams corporate services with an ingenious pitch to position your company services & products unlike ever before that will have your competitors cursing, reeling and gasping for air. Wait till you see their brilliant commercial all on film directed by who else but your team! We will give them some expert tuition and training and guide them if required to shape their commercial. We can also spruce this challenge further by giving them a style they need to incorporate for example; info commercial or a  sports team promoting themselves. So are you ready for a makeover in the most hilarious fashion.  This is a great corporate experience to liven up your forthcoming team event.

  • Tuition and guidance from top producers and actors
  • Each marketing campaign will be eye-catching, memorable, brilliant, highly original and compelling – yes each team is on a production deadline!
  • So lets see which team will grab the headlines?
  • Who will their service better?
  • What memorable tag lines will rock the audience?
  • What props and locations will the teams use?
  • What surprise twists will they have?
  • How will they use the best locations?



"Thanks for a great day this Monday, it was a true success.  It was probably the most enjoyable team building workshop I have ever been involved in."

- Abigroup

"Yes, we really enjoyed the program, it was brilliant."

- Acor

"Thanks so much for the excellent afternoon that you and Peter ran with my team. It was a fantastic success and everyone was raving about it that evening and the following day!! You guys were great fun. Thanks again! 
- O'Brien Glass

" I would like to say on behalf of the committee and the employees of Gambro THANK YOU so much for a fantastic day. Everyone has commented how great it was, and most have even said it was the best corporate activities we have had." 

- Gambro


One of our favourite TV programs that is totally customisable to time frame and your event. It can be aimed towards your conference outcomes or theme or if desired we include some very clever elements.  Outputs to the challenge can include: a short filmed commercial for TV audience, a song for a radio promotion or a magazine shoot and then these are presented afterwards.



  • Topics can include the conference theme or business product or services
  • Teams receive a large assortment of props and costumes
  • Advertising Agency is a powerful team building event and has beneficial long-term results. Team members get to look at the conference or team day theme from a different perspective; i.e., the client or customer
  • There are special twists to this program to make it a very amusing and fun exercise for everyone involved
  • Instead of months, teams only have a few hours! Team members become actively engaged in the process that helps to create an environment of cohesive team interaction
  • The activities are fast-paced, very creative, and a lot of fun!
  • Our professional facilitators keep the process moving right along. Team members take on the roles of producer, director or actor needed to produce the commercial. 
  • No one is left out!
  • You have the option of incorporating one or more mediums of advertising into the campaign from music to film!
  • The showing of the commercials can be shown straight afterwards or later that evening. This is an unforgettable team experience!


  15- 130


2 hours for filming

Many variations available.


SPACE  No limitations – can be indoor or outdoors


Watch team development at its best as your team experience life on both sides of the camera and film their own quality production.


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