Building a Team

Building a Team – Know Yourself Know Your Team

The more knowledge you have about people and their needs the greater your own success will be. Increase the effectiveness of your teams performance and pro actively deal with challenges faced by individual within the workplace by learning the preferred team role dimensions.   

Building a team comes through the process of deepening your understanding of the strengths of your own team members by first doing an assessment of your individual team members preferred team styles and then developing strategies to brings out the very best in them.


Know Yourself Know Your Team is an interactive session in which your team will appreciate the different styles, strengths and preferred roles that people play when being part of a team.


  • This session will strengthen your understanding of how to bring out the best in others and be more understanding and flexible in responding to their needs.
  • Learn how to increase your accuracy of perceptions in order to become a better observer of people and to know what is required in the development of team.
  • Knowing individual styles results in an easy understanding of some of our behaviours which might totally mystify others.
  • You will come away increasing your own adaptability skills through having a higher level of tolerance for other people with different styles and when you perceive that you have credibility with that person.
  • An interactive session that introduces teams to the Behavioral Team Based Personality Profile, and the interpersonal strengths and challenges of the individual within the workplace.
  • Building a team requires developing a deeper understanding of what the talents and needs of your group members enabling for more flexibility and responsiveness to each other.

“You were an integral part of this development. We thank you for all your efforts. The development of building our team without doubt exceeded our expectations.” - THOMSON MARCONI SONAR


Session Elements:

  1. 1. Visual Exploration Exercise - Opening Activity
  2. Get to know each other
  3. 2. Gold Rule of Relationship Building
  4. We continuously misunderstand what other people want and why
  5. 3. New Rule of Relationship Building
  6. What people really want from you and why
  7. 4. "Being Yourself" Exercise
  8. Understand and identify the who's and the whats that define you
  9.  5. Assessment of Other
  10. Identify some one else who you wish to improve your relationship with
  11. 6. Understand Team Roles and Preferences
  12. Styles, decision making /strengths and attributes
7. Perception Gaps and Areas of Growth
Develop an action plan
8. House of Card Activity

Team Building Session Highlights:

  • Understand results dimension and emotional dimensions of behaviour
  • Teams needs roles for people to play in order to be effective
  • These roles require different styles of behaviour and communication
  • Each person in a team has needs and if these are met their contribution may be minimised
  • The more knowledge that you have about people and their needs the greater your own success will be
  • Frustration and break downs occur when the different roles in a team are not respected and optimised
  • Increases the interpersonal dynamics and support within a team
  • Allows oneself to broaden ones own communication style and be stronger in engaging the involvement of others

“Everyone enjoyed all the sessions so much.  Asked a few people how it was all going and the response was always that the sessions with you were brilliant.  Thank you!” - MILLWARD BROWN

1- 4 hours


Participants will leave with renewed enthusiasm for honest communication in both their personal and professional lives.  Some of the questions they will reflect on include:

  • How do you make decisions?
  • How do you deal with conflict?
  • How do you solve problems?
  • How do you deal with change?
  • How do you satisfy your needs?
  • What causes you tension?
  • What do you do when you do when you are under tension?
  • What do you desire from others when you are under tension?


A handout is given at the Workshop which reflects the behavioral personality types.


Individuals also have the opportunity to assess themselves and discover their preferred style as well as building a team in this interactive workshop session.


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