Corporate Activities – International Pipeline

Construct team collaboration, brain challenges, design and innovation in this hands on outdoor or indoor program. Build a giant pipeline balancing time deadlines, materials, budgets great for increasing leadership potential and development. Complexity in an entertaining program!

A complex task that needs teams to collaborate, plan and build a giant pipeline that needs to criss cross different zones. At the same time to aide their construction they need to earn the money to buy the materials. So how will they balance time, quality and delivery?  A fun more interesting activity, requiring leadership and handling complexity.

  • You will be amazed at what your group will do as they have to construct an above ground International Pipeline. 
  • The pipeline needs to be operational and your teams (each one is a separate country) needs to build their part of the pipeline but this can only be done with the help and co operation of other countries. 
  • As the above ground pipeline is put together it becomes a powerful metaphor for co operation and achievement.


International Pipeline is a fantastic activity:

  • Requires collaboration to negotiate the path through countries
  • Teams can operate with a working budget
  • Use an array of bamboo and materials to construct the pipeline
  • A great activity that will have every one absorbed and playing a role
  • Big on fun and is something that they as a group will never have done before
  • Get out of the corporate mould as you get your hands into a multi million dollar project.

Each team is a country from one of the consortiums and has an area of the conference room where they must build their piece of the pipeline. As the pipeline weaves its way through the countries, teams must be ready to receive incoming consignments and transport them safely to other countries. Teams must collaborate with other countries whilst at the same time compete against others!


Planning, communication, collaboration and innovation are key!  Teams must consider the height of their ramp, the bends, the speed and how their pipeline section connects with other groups.


Requires collaboration in order to pool materials together and sharing equipment in a race to beat the other consortia.


Teams need to pay attention to quality, structural integrity and even adorn their pipeline with decoration and a national anthem to sing at the commissioning of their pipeline.


One of many corporate activities where teamwork is tapped into and a perfect energizer to break your conference schedule or use for a team building day event.

It can simulate doing more with less, working smarter as a team, the power of collaboration and is highly versatile from our stable of corporate activities.


Team Building Highlights:

  • This high energy event really taps into teamwork
  • A great metaphor for working together and seamless product delivery
  • Everybody will have a great time behind or in front of the camera.
  • Great for energizing a conference group
  • There are many twists to this activity that will bring a huge laugh and enjoyment to your group
  • One of many corporate activities where teams can physically get engaged and out of their seats
  • Also it fills the room and is a visually amazing thing to see


Group Size
25 - 200


1 - 2 hours


Highly versatile



“Thanks to you and your team for facilitating such fun and insightful activities. It was a great day.

- University West Sydney

Thank you so much. Everyone raved about the session and really enjoyed working together. Your team was fantastic." - THE NEXT STEP


“Thank you so much for the session on Sunday morning. It was a great success as you probably could tell from the vibe over lunch!."

- NSW University


Corporate Activities bring the best of a group and are perfect for team bonding and creating team work. Corporate Activities can be as interesting in the indoor space and this one has the scale, the challenge and uniqueness that will allow a group to have a great sense of fun and accomplishment in partaking in the International Pipeline Activity.


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