Team Building Fun Activity – Team Breakthrough


Excellent fun activity for facilitating bonding, social cohesion and inter group mixing. 




If there ever was a game of teamwork and working together, this one has it all.    Performed across playing mats each small team has scoring zones to secure points but there is more to the game than meets the eye.  Teams need to adapt to change if they are going to succeed in this high energy competition played over three pulsating rounds.  Teams work as one if they are to beat off the competition who are hot on their heels!  Scores are made when target zones are hit but there are some added twists to the challenge which will throw even the most cunning teams off balance.  Which team will think outside of the square to take all the points?  Can they implement real and lasting change to have the edge?  Do not worry this is a totally absorbing fun team building activity that will have a positive affect on your teams performance.


  • Discover new ways to achieve team synergy & bond as a group
  • See how collaboration costs you nothing, nothing at all.
  • Tap into spirit and energy of your group
  • See team dynamics common to the workplace
  • Team leadership and strategy come into play
  • Be the team that can outplay, out think & outsmart every one else 
  • Goal setting, teamwork, communication are all put to the test! 
  • No physical nor age bracket limitation
  • Mentally and physically engaging
  • Our ultimate team building fun activity that is designed for the indoor that will lift the energy of your group
  • Excellent game for facilitating bonding, social cohesion and inter group mixing.
  • Observe the dynamics of synergy in teams
  • Lifts vibrancy and excitement in the room
  • Great twist around collaboration and thinking outside of the square
  • Dynamic fast moving activity
  • Overcome barriers
  • Become smarter in setting goals
  • Discover some great learning's around goal setting and planning
  • Engages & bonds the team - there are no physical limitations.


“"Thank you so much. Everyone raved about the team building activity and really enjoyed working together. Your team was fantastic."

- The Next Step

“"The day was  simply fantastic."

- Wesley Mission

“Thanks for a great day this monday, it was a true success.  It was probably the most enjoyable team activity I have been involved in."

- Abigroup

“Thank you so much for your involvement in the National Conference. We received fantastic feedback."

- Axis Events

“Thank you so much for the wonderful time you gave us last week.  You gave us lots to think about and the one big point at the end of our conference about ‘what was the most you got out of these three days?’ and the biggest response was ‘Collective IQ’ so your activities certainly worked.  I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone wishing to have team bonding activities.."

- Charles Stuart University

GROUP SIZE   Minimum group size is 9.  Unlimited upper number.

TIME     0.5 - 1 hour


SPACE       Indoor room open space is preferred


If you are looking for new team bonding ideas this one is a classic that will open your group to new possibilities about how they can with more, collaborate and perform.

For more team building ideas return to indoor team building!

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