Real learning and insights in a fun environment

Broaden your teams approach to team work

A great mix of challenging & interesting team problem solving activities that will inspire your team to perform to a new level & improve their communication and leadership.

Assumptions Assumptions

Stretch your team with this giant puzzle that is more than what it seems.  It will test all the rules you have about solving problems and strengthen your teamwork.


A nuclear reactor needs to be urgently cooled down and your team is needed to do this deadly task. Do they have the nerve and focus to beat the countdown?


Learn to spacewalk and work your way through a tricky path where communication and one false step can send you out into space. Trial and error are put to the test.

Tent in a storm

Stuck at the summit of everest your team have only minutes to survive.  Every second matters as your team priorities and build a site to protect themselves from an impeding storm. Communication, change management and roles.

Every picture tells a story

Teams have an assortment of images and need to work out their correct sequence to tell a story.  Superb communication exercise.


  • Participants open up to experiential learning as they enjoy having fun together and gaining insights into real world business issues.

  • Learn how to be more adaptive. 

  • Strengthen your understanding of how to bring out the best in others and be more understanding and flexible in responding to their needs.

  • Change management

  • Taking charge

  • Appreciating each others talents

  • Morale booster


Following on from the session all staff were saying how much they enjoyed the content and the manner in which it was presented.  I have been to a number of similar sessions and I can honestly say it was one of the best that I have been to.”                                                                        AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF SPORT

"You were an integral part of this development. We thank you for all your efforts. 

The development of building our team without doubt exceeded our expectations."

                                                                                             THOMAS MARCONI SONAR

"Thanks for a great day on Monday, it was a true success.  It was probably the most enjoyable workshop I’ve ever been involved in and I think it will do wonders with regard to forming and cementing a number of relationships across the project, as well keeping people well and truly focused on the Seven Fundamentals."                    


"It was a great day program and all the feedback was fantastic from the team."
                                                                                                     OBSERVATORY HOTEL

Each program Is custom designed.

We design each program to fit the particular needs of your team. Different team building activities yield different outcomes. Each program is built using 30 minute team building activities.

Professional Facilitation Produces Clear Business Results
After each morale team challenge our professional facilitator(s) will lead your team in a focused debrief outlining your team's dynamics. Participants in our programs rave about how much fun they have, as well as, how much value they receive.


2 hour/3 hour or Half Day Programs are available.

TEBU know offers a full day program as well that includes a unique combination of experiential activities to strengthen the performance of your team that are all developmentally oriented.



A handout is given at the Workshop which reflects the behavioral personality types.


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