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Team Building with Tebu - Manly

Whether you are staying at the Novotel Hotel or coming here for a team event, we think that it is a magnificent backdrop for a special program that incorporates the best from the area.  Number 1 is our Cell Phone Scavenger which has become the biggest hit program and Manly is the perfect location with its combination of the beach and its cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Surfing school is also a good alternative and is beach volleyball.

Manly is one of Sydney’s most popular seaside destinations situated seven miles north-east of Sydney on the lower Northern Beaches. Full of attractions and exciting activities including Manly Beach, Ocean world, kayaking, swimming, tennis, golf, beach volleyball, roller blading, scenic and historical walks, art, parasailing, scuba diving, fishing, dining and so much more. Manly is the perfect destination for your next Sydney escape.

Here are some great highlights of a team event.  We are amazed at how much is available here at Manly for a great outdoor amazing race or cell phone scavenger hunt, just touch base with us and we can discuss options with you.

Whether your company or group is based in Manly or more likely just visiting, Tebu Teambuilding can facilitate a range of memorable fun to do team based challenges. We offer a large variety of events because we know that different clients demand different experiences. From an amazing race challenge along the Manly Beach front parade or a quick photo shoot challenge around the esplanade to duelling with our Kendo Master along the spectacular beach front or perhaps a Beach Olympics on the foreshore, Tebu Team Building will provide an experience to be remembered.


Team building events designed specifically for Manly include:

An Amazing Race around foreshore incorporating Campbell Parade, the beach front and ending up at the pavilion where team compete through a round of breathtaking team challenges earning points for endeavour before finishing up with a hilarious finale on the beach. The program will require planning, thinking on your feet, strategising thinking outside the square and taking risks. Packed with loads to do, hilarious fun and drama as it all unfolds. Everybody loves the beach so plenty of time to break up your conference schedule and really let go.

Our fabulous Hollywood Blockbuster Program: Lights, Camera, Action! This can be conducted at just about any venue incorporating all the local features and highlights of the neighbouring area.

Team Idol Song Challenge In this sensational team challenge program, teams chose, produce and sing a great musical masterpiece. As in the spirit of the hit show ‘Australian Idol’, no one misses a beat in what turns out to a hugely entertaining afternoon that concludes with an evening show where teams present their songs to standing ovations. We can also capture the event on camera…

Team Photo Shoot people love to take photos and in our photo shoot challenge this highly versatile program takes in all areas of Bondi Beach getting a group out of the conference room environment and seeing all the fantastic highlights of this amazing location.

Go Team Go is a great outdoor program where in teams they have to outwit outthink and outplay each other through a myriad of outrageous and fun quirky problems solving challenges where teams rotate and play to earn points and try to be the best team to win the trophy. This can be played in the botanical gardens. We have a wide range of creative team problem solving activities over 30 to choose from and some of these can be seen on our teambuilding activies. Here teams need to co operate and solve some very interesting fun to do problems. Playing through a circuit of exercises, the group will need to really draw from the talents within the team.


Kendo MasterKendo Master has a huge ‘wow’ factor, it allows the delegates to learn the ancient tradition of Japanese sword fencing through which they get to practice with each other, build trust and intuition as they go, learning what it takes to focus and some fantastic pointers about the ‘self’.


Park Team Event Fun Day Our team arrived at the park not sure of what was required of them. The venue was excellent and the course proved to be interesting and challenging. The teams were working for all rather than working separately. Each member contributed and was able to use their skills to the best advantage. They are still talking about the fun they had and asking when they can do it again.”

Breakdown Breakthrough What is it that gives a winning team the edge? What is it that makes them stand out from the rest and perform at a consistently high level? In this fast pulsating team indoor challenge teams compete in a time based competition to out score other teams but soon they realise that to perform at peak performance they first need to be in sync with each other and discover what it takes to really get the best out of each member in the team.

Beat the Buzzer is our special corporate team based trivia thiat is hugely fun and not too serious. Loads of activities and perfect for socialising and have entertainment at night.

Whats the Verdict? Is a trial by dinner and is a "spoof on justice" that is part of the evening program. Quite simply, the dining audience is plunged into a court session during dinner with our hilarious judge presiding over teams who present their cases to the audience. Prior to the evening show, teams are taught the art of debating during a session so there is a link between the skill session and the night’s program.

Conference Energisers We can work with groups of ANY size. Our corporate energizers will engage EVERY participant! Our meeting and event energizers are a dynamic, fast-paced way to get to know each other quickly, do light team building, break down barriers, increase unity, and have some fun in the process. We like the term "strategic fun" because it implies that play and work don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Urban Scavenger Hunts Get to know your team while being fully engaged in the most mind-expanding sightseeing tour imaginable. We can promise that your team(s) will find more than what they're looking for when you partner with us for a tour de force Experiential Scavenger Hunt. We are all the time increasing our locations! More than fun, such a program can uncover lots of faulty assumptions, limiting behavior patterns, and communication shortcomings that we'll leverage to teach your team lessons that connect with what they actually experience — and those are the lessons that will transfer back to the workplace.

Art Teambuilding A powerful and unique event that promises to make an impression! The Artful Team will unlock creative energies, inspire powerful conversations, and let people connect whether they are ‘art challenged,’ or Picasso talented. Perfect as an elegant compliment to a wine and cheese ambiance. Discover your creative potential! Art is not just for artists anymore!Bring out the artistic side and organise an Art Teambuilding program for your team.Discover individual and team’s creative potential. Work together to create something never thought possible. Learn the secrets of great paintings and have a great laugh in the process!

DanceDance Spectacular Why not combine the flair and emotion of dance and music and allow the teams to truly discover their intuition and talent on the dance floor. Teams learn different dance pieces and put together a fantastic evening of entertainment and fun. Perhaps instead you want to use team building to work through issues and develop a better team environment? If so utilize one of our many workshops that will assist your specific needs. From:

Knowing yourself .. Knowing your Team that is fun and informative and help people to better understand and respect their fellow team mates. The Belbin Approach builds respect, a deeper level of understanding and empathy within a group of people. In this highly inter active session a group appreciates the different styles, strengths and preferred roles that people play when being part of a team.

Building High Performance Teams is an interactive skills-based team building program that focuses on the team building training principles and practices of effective teamwork, and how to apply this knowledge to real-time business challenges.

Establishing the Team Getting teams off to a good start provides a foundation for optimal team performance. Modules include The Foundation of Teams: The Self, Establishing a Team Vision, Mission and Values, Establishing Team Norms & Guidelines, Setting Team Performance Goals and Objectives, Clarifying Team Roles, and more.

Or, if you prefer, we’ll bring the team building program to you at a site of your choosing. Any conference centre or hotel in Sydney, Tebu will do the trick. Sessions can be any length and can accommodate any size group. You want to kick off a conference for 200 participants with a bang… no problem. You want a two-day event for 12 people… we’ve got you covered. You’d like a one-day team building program for 25 people…you got it

Give us a call on 1300 723 007 and tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll create the perfect team building experience in Manly.


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