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The vibe, energy of the Rocks with its mix of tourists, markets and history is the perfect backdrop for a scavenger or team building event.

Nothing beats the Sydney for its range of picturesque locations to run a team building program.  Here is our own list of locations that we believe are perfect.

There is no other team building location in Sydney that has the best backdrop for a team event. It includes so many mix of locations all in the one area; ship terminal, cobble stone lane ways to navigate through, live markets, pubs that take you back in time & so do some of the locals who maybe on the brink!

With regards to SCAVENGER HUNTS or AMAZING RACES one of the most important considerations is that you do not want the group spending all their time wasted walking between clues, covering long distances without much action.  The benefit of the Rocks area is that it is concentrated with so much possibilities and options that it lessons wasted time dramatically.  

Within minutes of starting a team building event, the group is immersed in the history, finding the most unusual locations and the scavenger hunt list is rich with unusual challenges. It is perfect for an all round year event. There are special options like the short ferry across to Darling Harbour and a circuit loop back into the city.  Or you may wish to venture further and have a leg in Manly which is a brilliant location for another destination with a lot of choices available there.

Team building events for Sydney CBD include:

An Amazing Race through Botanical Gardens, Martin Place and the Rocks that required planning, thinking on your feet, strategising thinking outside the square and taking risks. Packed with loads to do, hilarious fun and drama as it all unfolds. Everybody loves the zoo so there is the chance to have this leg incorporated into the race that brings some memorable moments in the day of adventure.


Art Theft City Challenge is a brilliant Sydney CBD race where your team must investigate the theft of art works from the Art Gallery and it’s a classic whodunit where teams race through the city solving this fun to do challenge with loads of twists

Our fabulous Hollywood Blockbuster Program: Lights, Camera, Action! This can be conducted at just about any venue incorporating all the local features and highlights of the neighbouring area.

Team Idol Song Challenge In this sensational team challenge program, teams chose, produce and sing a great musical masterpiece. As in the spirit of the hit show ‘Australian Idol’, no one misses a beat in what turns out to a hugely entertaining afternoon that concludes with an evening show where teams present their songs to standing ovations. We can also capture the event on camera…

Team Photo Shoot people love to take photos and in our photo shoot challenge this highly versatile program has been in all areas of the CBD getting a group out of the conference room environment and seeing all the fantastic features of Sydney, the Opera House, the QVB and areas of the rocks.

Go Team Go is a great outdoor program where in teams they have to outwit outthink and outplay each other through a myriad of outrageous and fun quirky problems solving challenges where teams rotate and play to earn points and try to be the best team to win the trophy. This can be played in the botanical gardens. We have a wide range of creative team problem solving activities over 30 to choose from. Here teams need to co operate and solve some very interesting fun to do problems. Playing through a circuit of exercises, the group will need to really draw from the talents within the team.


Kendo MasterKendo Master has a huge ‘wow’ factor, it allows the delegates to learn the ancient tradition of Japanese sword fencing through which they get to practice with each other, build trust and intuition as they go, learning what it takes to focus and some fantastic pointers about the ‘self’. We have run this at a number of nice garden spots close to the harbour bridge.


City Park Team Event Fun Day Our team arrived at the park not sure of what was required of them. The venue was excellent and the course proved to be interesting and challenging. The teams were working for all rather than working separately. Each member contributed and was able to use their skills to the best advantage. They are still talking about the fun they had and asking when they can do it again.”

Or, if you prefer, we’ll bring the team building program to you at a site of your choosing. Any conference centre or hotel in Sydney, Tebu will do the trick. Sessions can be any length and can accommodate any size group. You want to kick off a conference for 200 participants with a bang… no problem. You want a two-day event for 12 people… we’ve got you covered. You’d like a one-day team building program for 25 people…you got it.

Give us a call on 1300 723 007 and tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll create the perfect team building experience in



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