Everyone will walk away with a “grape” team feeling. And you’ll never send wine back because it’s too old again. Orson Wells said, “We will drink no wine before its time”...Well, now’s the time. Uncork your team’s potential!

Wine appreciation is of near-universal interest – almost everyone in corporate life wants to know more about wine. All our events can be “scaled” to accommodate any numbers – from a select few in a conference retreat sampling the world’s best wines, to hundreds under marquees in a Call my Bluff event.


1. The Wine Challenge - interactive wine game

A team-based ‘wine options’ game. The group is divided into teams, sat at tables, and asked a series of questions about wines that are served masked. With the questions come a series of possible optional answers – hence the term ‘wine options’. Teams are awarded points for identifying the correct answer. The process of identifying the correct answers requires some wine insight, but more importantly a capacity to truly listen to the MC, some logic, and some willingness to discuss the likely correct answer amongst the team members. We encourage a dynamic of having teams work as teams (and we highlight their shortcomings as they do this) and we also encourage competition between the teams – correct answers earn points. We include some game theory, and through the event we pass on a significant amount of wine knowledge. The goal is fun, and to develop skills of comprehension, interaction and deduction. Attendees receive a wine education pack, too


2. I’ve been handed the wine list, now what?

This entertaining and informative seminar is one of our signature events. It is the ideal choice for large groups, whether it is incorporated into an upcoming conference or a stand-alone event to bring your staff and clients together. Participants will get answers to all those vital questions relating to wine etiquette, including:

- Where to start when handed a wine list
- How much you should spend on a bottle of wine on different occasions
- How to react when you think a bottle is corked
- What to do if the waiter leaves the bottle of wine (unpoured) on the table

Dubbed the ideal guide to wine, “I’ve been handed the wine list, now what?” will ensure that all participants know how to impress the boss or a new client next time they dine.


3. Call my Bluff

Great for larger groups and to break the ice. Learn to sniff and spit like a professional and then put your tasting skills to the test. Taste fine wines from around the world and in your teams work out who is telling the truth and who is bluffing. There will also be the opportunity for team members to exercise their bluffing skills!


4. Introduction to Wine

Our informal wine appreciation seminars provide the perfect addition to a conference, company event, staff or graduate training programs. They are also an ideal stand-alone team-building event. We present up to a dozen quality wines that suit your budget, always selecting the best wines for each grape variety. Participants will learn how to use all their senses to appreciate wine, including sight, smell and taste. We encourage participants to teach themselves this process, thus acquiring transferable skills on the way. In addition to the tastings, we discuss the grapes, aromas, tannins, acid, regions and styles; how to make sense of the wine label; and how to buy, store, serve and savour a good bottle. Upon completion of the event, participants become practised wine appreciators.


5. Comparative Wine tastings

Develop your analytic tasting skills while enjoying a refreshing glass of wine… or two. Learn about the regions of the world where the major wine varietals come from. Explore the history of these regions, discuss differences one might expect from wines produced in old world regions with new world regions and taste samples from both. Participants will come away with the knowledge and history of the top wine-producing regions of the world and sample some of the most sophisticated wines from around the world.


6. Luxury and "Cult" Wines

A rare opportunity for people to get to taste some of the world’s best wines – and to learn about them from an expert wine tutor. What makes a luxury or cult wine? We source rare and vintage wines such as Grange, Hill of Grace, Premier and Grand Cru Burgundies, Premier Cru Bordeaux and Super Tuscans for your pleasure, and taste the wines in Riedel glassware.


7. Around the World with Wine

A tour of the world of wine in one breathless session. We travel, via wine, from Australia to New Zealand, France, Italy, South America, North America, Spain, Germany and South Africa. Differences in the same grape type are highlighted, and we focus on the best wine styles from each country.


8. I Get a Kick from Champagne

Decadent perhaps, but there are always occasions when you just have to spoil friends, family, those special clients and of course yourself. Compare and contrast some of the top names in Champagne, learn how to pick a Vintage Champagne from a Non Vintage and hold an event with style.



Group Size
6 - 100


60 to 90 minutes. Perfect either before or after dinner and is a smart and creative alternative to a cocktail hour.

  • Great medium for getting to know each other
  • To be entertained and
  • Learn something new
  • Why not try Uncork?





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