Business Team Building

Business Team Building-Whats the Verdict

Put your debating skills to the test in the great debate!

Business Team Building is comes alive in this fun evening event once all guests are seated, the prosecutor calls the court to order and bids the court to rise and make way for the presiding judge. The judge runs quickly over the docket for the evening (the great debate begins with a topic that is pre-selected for the evening).


Teams for the affirmative and the negative have prior opportunity to prepare in the afternoon and are taught skills of how to debate by our expert facilitator. They learn the process of presenting an argument and get to practise with their colleagues.


The finale of the event culminates with the verdict which is drawn from the audience by a common vote.


Teambuilding Highlights

  • Prior to the evening show, teams are taught the art of debating during a session so there is a link between the skill session and the night’s program. 
  • Topics chosen have varied enormously from crafted topics relating to the business to hilarious subjects given to test the group.  Cover new company policy. Break the ice and open up dialogue on a previously sensitive issue like boundaries between departments.  Friendly rivalries between sales and marketing departments and a topic such as "Marketing is more important than Sales" is always very entertaining. 


Filming Package
Debate is filmed by our cameraman and we create a fantastic DVD version for your delegates.  Please ask us for a quote.


Teambuilding Benefits:

  • May be part of or separate to the afternoon program
  • Learn the art of rebuttal and conflict management
  • The structure and process of communication is learnt
  • Break away from the business with this activity
  • Have a great time learning some invaluable skills whilst at the same time collaborating in a great team building experience
  • Makes for a great and memorable team evening event.


Group Size
10 - 40


2 hours (including dining time).


Any indoor space.

This is a versatile fun to do great business team building program where some basic debating skills are taught in a fun frolic of debating.



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