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Team Building Games – Go for Gold


Watch your team break records and have their own wacky Olympic event Corporate athletes take on a series of competitive team games & challenges.



In this high energy team building event there are a range of hilarious team building games that takes on Olympic events from discus throwing to shot put with ping pong balls.  There are records to break and regardless of physical ability everyone is able to participate!  And of course our own unique opening ceremony! Wow, this is all in one super fun event that will have every one playing a role no matter their fitness.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to capture the energy, passion and fervor of the Olympics in your team?  Well this is your chance.  In this hilarious program, your group of corporate "athletes" participate in a series of competitive team "Olympics" games. Each team attempts to dominate the other, no matter what the game at hand.


The team had a lot of fun.  Thanks to you and the team for assisting us here.
- Manpower

"Please thank you for your fab facilitation with the pipeline activity - every one had a fab time with many asking - where did you get those guys?


We are very lucky to have found Tebu!"   

- Trade Secret

“Can you please extend our sincere thanks and praise to your amazing team for their time and professionalism.  The tailor specifics activities that your team created for us made the Bob Jane T-Marts Survivor challenge a high energy team challenge for all involved.  The Bob Jane T- Marts Survivor Challenge was a huge success and we have received fantastic feedback from the franchisees.”
- Bob Jane T Mart

I also wanted to say a big thanks to you and your team for delivering such a great session on Wednesday. Everything was seamless and the games were fantastic, everyone had a lot of fun. During the wrap up feedback yesterday a few people mentioned it was one of the best parts of  the whole 2 day conference – so thank you!

- Healthcare Australia - Wollongong Beachfront

Go for Gold provide a level playing field because absolutely no prior skill and experience can prepare you for these games. The program can kick-off with a totally insane Relay Race.  If this contest doesn't loosen people up, then the next series of team building games surely will.


Laugh a lot relay - a hilarious mix of team building games to start you off!  We will keep you in stitches as you compete some unique challenges. This includes our specially made beach ball challenge that will have teams tied up in knots as they scramble to transport a slippery beach ball.

Leaky Pole - some in the industry regard this game as in the top 5 of all time.  Teams need to set up a human chain to transport water from the ocean into their vertical pole but to their shock and surprise the pole does not perform to the way it appears!!!

Crossing the bog - A challenge even Indiana Jones would enjoy! After getting on their props, teams will use only boards and stones to race across the murky"bog" the fastest! Collect the special artifacts and animals for bonus points! Fall off and penalties await!

Butter Fingers - Each team will receive a bucket of water balloons, which are covered with baby oil. The team lines up in a "Z" formation with team members about four feet from each other. The team members must pass the balloons to the next person in line. The team with the most balloons at the end of the line is the winning team. Broken balloons do not count.

Beach Ball Relay Sprint - Beach balls must be transported in the traditional sprint race but with a very peculiar twists.

Marathon Race - Your team is blindfolded and need to navigate through the course in order to get over the finish line.

And a whole series of one to one team challenges that will bring the house down.


  • Your group is divided into sub teams
  • Each teach is given an extensive list of records to set and beat
  • Teams strategise, plan and choose which records to go for.
  • But this is unlike any record setting event you might have seen before.
  • And no record is safe either because the team next to you are about to break it!
  • Team compete head to head in wacky wild non athletic games and races: both mental and physical.
  • All our team building games are designed to bring out the best in the group: build team strength, longest, funniest.
  • There is a very high level of participation, fun competitiveness and integration. 
  • Level of involvement and rivalry stays high right throughout the program from beginning to end. 
  • No one is left out
  • Can be customised to fit time frame
  • Great way of breaking down barriers and building team camaraderie
  • Maximum participation for everyone
  • Opportunity to compete against each other, against other departments that come out on different days and even against other companies for world records
  • Measurable results - everything is put up on the record board
  • Can be customized to fit ongoing themes in the company

Teams can receive bandanas and are asked for a creative team name and to invent their own team Hakka/Face painting are all optional.  Team names can be aligned to a nationality or just made up.  We have a number of creative suggestions that assist theme the program.



  • A great way to have a special team day
  • Celebrate achievements performed by your team
  • A fabulous mix of team building games for every one to shine and play
  • Olympic activities designed to be interactive and build cohesion and fun
  • Include mental and physical team building challenges
  • Participants gain personal satisfaction, self-confidence and become energized
  • Any one can win with a dramatic finale
  • Play in games that are really different and will require teamwork and great team play!
  • Renew energy and spirit for your group

To look at more images of the Go for Gold and all its team building games.

Tebu can now cater for food to complement your days event.  Relax and let us bring the food to you. 

DESCRIPTION   18 - 250


TIME  1.5 - 3 hours


A great mix of team building games that will make your day a fun and festive occasion!


 Team building games are the perfect way to create an event that is competitive, creative and big on fun.

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Team Building Games
Team Building Games – Go for Gold



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