How far can your team go with this great social bonding team challenge?


TEBU Team building have assembled their best compilation of games with a whole range of sensory, mental and physical activities that will accelerate and improve your groups working dynamics and decision making all in the name of FUN.

Key Tag
Your team needs to deactivate a bomb by touching all the numbers on a key pad but all the numbers are jumbled.  Can your team pull it off and work together to touch all the numbers in time? 
Benefits: Team focus, communication, game breaking performance and roles are put to the test.

Plumber Beware
A 10 m pipe has to be constructed by your team but there are not enough materials to make the distance.  Only a few minutes away is launch time and what innovative idea will your team employ?
Benefits: Creativity, experimentation, patience and discipline

Velodrome Race
In one of the most hysterical sporting events you can ever imagine, your team is equipped with giant skis and your whole team must use these and beat the other team around the velodrome and at the same time contain their laughter.
Benefits: Strategy implementation, team coach, focus, balance, communication and self belief.

In the Zone
Bean bags are thrown along a mat into scoring zone areas. After each round the zone areas get smaller!
Benefits: Teamwork, concentration, leveraging off team strengths.

Zoom Zoom
Whole team need to reconstruct a story based on large images.  But the catch is that everyone has a piece of the story but cannot show it to anyone. 
Benefits: Superb communication exercise.

Invisible Maze
Your team are a group of astronauts in training for a two-year mission into deep space. But first your team must demonstrate their ability by traversing an invisible maze where one wrong step can send you out into deep space.
Benefits: Patience, communication, problem solving and never giving up

Catch n Throw
A catch n throw game with a twist.
How will they communicate to outscore the other team?
Benefits: Planning, Communication, Allocating Roles

Toxic Retrieval
Plenty of drama in this classic team challenge.  Toxic material is found on site and needs to be safely transported before it explodes.
Benefits: Planning, communication, problem solving and determination.

Alphabet Soup
Make as many words as you can from alphabet cubes that your team have earned. Words must link to the theme of the event.
Benefits: Teamwork, lateral thinking.

Leaky Pole
A large pole is holding inside valuable treasure but your team have no way of retrieving this valuable item, or can they? Hilarious, classic teamwork, working together and persistence.

  • Superb mix of mental and physical team based challenges with no limitations in participation
  • Designed to bring out the best in your team
  • Activities require planning,communication, problem solving skills, thinking laterally and persistence.
  • Big on FUN
  • Are completely out of the whelm of normal daily work so that they break away from your office environment
  • Some require the whole group to solve and others are competitive between teams
  • We can customise to suite your group according to how much orientation you want between having fun and real take away learnings.

OPTIONAL FINALE: In the grand finale round teams convert their money into equipment and are required to assemble their own catapult launching system. This is one of the best activities you will ever see – the outrageous catapult launch. Any one can win in this finale and it brings the house down. This is a perfect choice for creating team spirit and excitement while helping participants get to know each other better. This formula is a proven winner!

Get ready to let the fun fly!



15  – 120


2- 2.5 hours



This is a highly mobile program and we run it in many locations throughout the country.  It is highly customizable to suite the local environment.



“Our team enjoyed it immensely"



My team was really surprised and had a great day ever

- QBE Liability Division


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