Team Building Fun – Sandsculpting


Play in the sand with expert tuition & create magnificent designs that will defy the laws of physics.



This team building challenge mixes the outdoor environment with a unique artistic skill that is taught by an expert world instructor.  Your team will have enormous fun on the beach but will experience the magic of sand sculpturing and create magnificent designs that will defy the law of physics.


  • As you arrive on the beach a full sand sculpture masterpiece will greet your team.  These is built before hand and will wow the group when they arrive.

  • The team learn the step by step the fine art of sand sculpting which is all very easy to learn! From making windows, walls, the base and how to prepare it and even how to get the mixture right for sand building.  Its all fun team building!

  • You will be blown away by what your group can do and it can be linked to your products or company logo or just about anything.
  • Receive guidance as they build and work together with simple techniques.  Beginning with creating shapes, then a building to an animal it all happens effortlessly.
  • Incorporate a theme into the challenge and make it a competition
  • Something so simple and yet so much fun with the material just being sand and water.
  • Any size group will do and just about any beach location will do
  • Using sand and your hands with a few implements you learn the art of sand sculpting and then you are off to build the most incredible sculptures.
  • Get your group doing something that they will remember for along time


A truly unique and creative team building fun experience where every one can get involved and participates. See what your group can do and it can be linked any many ways if required to your company theme on the day.  The choice is yours.


The most important part of making a sand sculpture is the preparation, or what sculptors call “pound up”.  Pound up involves building wooden walls in a square or rectangle shape.  These walls are called “forms” and are about two feet tall.  After the forms are built they are filled with sand, like a giant sandpit, right to the top.  When the forms are full, sculptors set to work making sure that the sand is pounded down as hard as possible by whacking it, jumping on it and watering it.  

All of this you will learn from the masters.  This is pure fun, the sand, the water and the sun and your imagination combined will make something so special that your kids will be envious.  Your life will change the next time you go down to the beach. 

Water is REALLY important; the water helps the sand stick together and helps it to set hard as it dries out.  Successive forms are built on top of the first and compacted down so that eventually you have what looks a bit like a wooden pyramid of forms, as high as is required, all filled to the brim with sand that has been pushed down into them. 

Once you are happy with your pound up, find a good spot on the beach, flip your bucket over and very carefully remove it, leaving the sand behind on the ground.  Now you have the beginnings of your sculpture.  If you want to go the extra step ask your parents if they have an old bucket that they can cut the bottom out of, that way you can start with your bucket upside down and fill the sand in from the top.  This allows you to build up on top of each layer that you pound up with cups and containers like the professionals do with their smaller forms.

Now the fun part - carving.  Carving gives the sculpture all of its detail and character.  You can use almost anything to carve and most of the professional sculptors actually use cooking and dental utensils.  You better ask your parents before you start using their icing scraper at the beach though.  There are loads of tools you can use to help you carve out a work of art from icy-pole sticks to house keys (again you better ask before you try that one) and even water pistols can be used to cut a hole through the middle of your pile.  Try to visualise what you want to carve out before you get started and then go wild!

For more information on this fun program Sand Sculpting.

Group Size
10 - 200


2 hours


Beach based location


“Our team enjoyed it immensely"



“Thank you so much. Everyone raved about the session and really enjoyed working together. Your team was fantastic."



Sand Sculpting combines the sand, the beach, the sun into a playful team building fun exercise.



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