Team Leadership – Alpha Challenge

Team Building Leadership – Alpha Challenge

Adventure in the outdoors as your team perform an unusual rescue mission.

Combines all the facets of the outdoors into one challenging and fun to do team challenge. 

Team building leadership comes through in this great outdoor adventure program.


With the eyes of the nation upon you it is now your team’s chance to shine…there’s not a minute to spare…

A top secret Government message is hand delivered to your team.   With little information to go on, you manage to lay your hands on such things as a compass, GPS, metal detector, kayaks, a shovel and car keys among other things.

  • How will your ‘rabble’ transition them selves into a high performing, crack search and rescue team capable saving our economic future? 
  • How will you learn to use all of your resources in time?
  • How will your team cope to bring back the pieces of Sat Lab IV and have it assembled and transmitting by the deadline?  
  • Will the leadership capability of your team rise to the challenge?

Alpha Challenge Program Highlights

  • We use all facets of the local area into this one program.

  • There is much excitement and surprises as your team reach high performance.

  • Provides a terrific opportunity to build on the leadership capability of your group

  • The team will learn to build on their strengths and work together.

  • Your teams will have loads of fun and will be faced with teamwork and leadership challenges that require determination and co-operation in order to be solved.

  • For groups who are looking beyond ‘more of the same’

  • Importance is placed on co operation and giving every one a role.

  • This program is constructed to fit your time frame

  • Communication and its critical importance to teamwork

“My teams send their eternal thanks, my customers send me their new expanded business, and my management look at the photographs and still don't quite understand what a magical thing we made happen that weekend.”
- America Power Corporation


Alpha Challenge can incorporate a number of options: searches, navigational exercises (in the bush), Tyrolean rope systems (that stretches across a gully), belieing team members up trees, using rubber dinghies across a water way, riding mountain bikes, solving riddles, completing scavenger hunts, using canoes and even a short abseil are all available options.


Group Size
8 - 40


Half Day or Full Day


Utilises all of the outdoors

We can everyone provide you with a barbecue lunch! 
Tebu can look after all facets of your team event.

One of the best team building leadership programs to incorporate everything that the outdoors can offer.



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Team Building – Alpha Challenge

Teambuilding – Alpha Challenge

Teambuilding – Alpha Challenge

Teambuilding – Alpha Challenge

Team Leadership Activities – Alpha Challenge

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