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Conflict Resolution Training – Handling Conflict at Work

Be smart and responsive to the emotional undercurrents that make or break a teams performance.

Learn powerful conflict resolution strategies that will impact your life and your work.   


We all need to be smart and engaging and responsive to the emotional undercurrents that make or break a teams performance.  All of us encounter conflict, conflict is part of the package of life. We are all different as people and we all have different viewpoints and needs.  This workshop will give you a structured rational approach for handling a situation, making an evaluation, consider risks, peoples needs and then determine the best strategy to move forward with.


Key Outcomes


  • The nature and roots of conflict - is it what we really think it is?
  • Types of losses and their roots - Seven losses that can trigger a conflict
  • Sources of Conflict at work
  • Controlling our brain and managing your inner life.  The Amygdala Hijack Response and how to recognise it.
  • The Eight Stages of Grief and how to recognise when people are stuck in a stage.  Crucial to know how to help others to help themselves to go through stages to resolution. 
  • Definition of conflict and the seven types of losses that can trigger a conflict.
  • Applying conflict resolution techniques in business
  • Principles of dialogue
  • The art of listening - empathy skills
  • Ten step negotiation process


“You were an integral part of this development. We thank you for all your efforts. The development of building our team without doubt exceeded our expectations.” - THOMSON MARCONI SONAR


Team Building Day Components:


Conflict Resolution Training Handbook is part of the workshop materials.

“Everyone enjoyed all the sessions so much.  Asked a few people how it was all going and the response was always that the sessions with you were brilliant.  Thank you!” - MILLWARD BROWN


A handout is given at the Workshop.



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