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Tebu team building has a huge and growing range of amazing and unusual fun to do team based activities.  They all big on FUN and encourage collaboration, creativity and will test a teams ability to communicate, work together, plan and use resources shrewdly.  They are designed to put a smile on the face of participants as well as bring out some some clever outside of the box thinking as they work together to achieve some amazing results. 


All Aboard

Your team need to support each other on a shrinking island

How will the support each other?  A classic team building exercise to warm up a group.  .... more

Beach Ball Rally

With out using their arms teams need to transport items through a relay circuit. 

Fantastic for collaboration and working together. How will they co ordinate this challenging exercise? .... more

Bingo Signature

How many signatures can you get from around the room and be the first person to call out BINGO?

Knowing the people in the room is put to the test and even if you do not know them well this your chance to star and find out more. Energising and fun, will be pleasantly surprised.   .... more

Blind Fold Maze

Ahead is a minefield to traverse but team members are blindfolded and need to rely on the instructions of others without stepping on a mine.  Will they get through unharmed?  .... more

Catch and Throw

Using balls to hit target zones your team will earn points but to get the balls they must use team members who are blindfolded  How will they plan and strategize?  . .... more

Criss Cross

Bold. Text. .... more  

Electric Maze

A two-year mission into deep space your team must demonstrate their ability to learn and problem solve as a single unit. Can they  traverse an invisible maze where one wrong step may have dire consequences.  A great teambuilding classic.      .... more

Escaped Convicts

As escapees you and your partner are interlocked by handcuffs.

Can you and your partner escape in time before you are spotted? There here has to be a way out!

.... more

Great Egg Drop

Small groups design an egg package to save an egg from breaking when dropped and a 30 second jingle to sell their package. Followed by the Great Egg Drop-Off. .... more

group ski race

Group Ski

In a hysterical race and one of the most hysterical sporting events you can ever imagine.

Your team is equipped with a massive set of skis and must beat the other team around the velodrome and at the same time contain their laughter. .... more

Houdini Handcuffs

Can your team escape the Houdini handcuffs without being detected?

What amazing dexterity do they have as they must unravel themselves to escape? What seems impossible at first can be done with a bit of ingenuity. .... more

Human Knot

Bold. Text. .... more

Key Tag

You’re team needs to deactivate a bomb and this can only be done by touching all of the tags in consecutive order. With 40 to be touched can you’re team do it in time? What seems impossible becomes possible. .... more

Inverted Pyramid

Making the connection between the team of what we common and the importance of values and ethics.  Walking through the pyramid the group will appreciate diversity and what they bring to each other. .... more

Leaky Pole

The clue your team needs is at the bottom of the tube! (a ping pong ball). To retrieve it, you need to fill the pole with water using the two buckets provided but there is a catch as it is a leaky pole!. .... more


Your team has been asked to clean up a dangerous accident site where customer products are lying scattered all over an area. Can your team prevent further injury and clean up the site using best practice methods. Teams may only use pencils to transport the customer products. Can pandemonium be prevented? .... more

Pick Up Sticks

Use our giant pick up sticks. This wonderful ancient game requires your team to pick up as many sticks as possible without moving other sticks in the process.


Team members need to move safely across to the other side but need the help of others who are in the way creating a human roadblock.

Rope Square

With blindfolds on you need to hold onto the rope at all times and to form a square using the rope provided. .... more

Salvage Crew

You’re group is a salvage team who must safely transport valuable goods to a safe new site. Oh! There is one minor problem – it appears there isn’t enought equipment to go around. How can your devise a strategy to get the job done with limited resources. .... more

Stab the Potato

Defy physics as you use test your mindset about what you can achieve.  A great icebreaker activity where with just a straw and an agile mind you pierce the potato to create a surprising outcome. .... more

stepping stone team game

Stepping Stones

Your team has been asked to clean up a dangerous accident site where customer products are lying scattered all over an area. Can your team prevent further injury and clean up the site using best practice methods. Teams may only use pencils to transport the customer products. Can pandemonium be prevented? .... more

Tent in a Storm

Your team in order to survive a storm must build their tent in the most expedient manner. The team must fully assemble a tent following the instructions given and within an allocated time and one other thing they are blindfolded. .... more

Tyre Puzzle

Can your team move tyres placed on top of each other in the least number of moves from one location to another? Oh there are a few rules to really challenge your team, this is a real mental challenge! .... more

Tug of War

Bold. Text. .... more

velodrome team race

Velodrome Race

Just like Toboggan your team must use giant skis and follow the designated path to get your team safely down the slope.  Oh!  One other thing your team  must only use giant skis to get you there!

First team across takes the points. .... more

Warp Speed

Deceptively simple teamwork activity. Form two lines facing each other. Lay a long, thin rod on group's index fingers. Goal: Lower to ground. Reality: It goes up!

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