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Tebu Teambuilding workshops focus on building higher levels of team performance. This is accomplished through highly interactive skills-based training, facilitation and some unique experiential learning activities.


Because no two teams are ever alike, we customize our team building training sessions based on a thorough needs assessment of your people and your business goals. And we often use team assessment tools to baseline and track how well your team has improved over time.

101 Teamwork Foundational Workshop

You can train people in the principals of teamwork, and we certainly do that. But our workshops go much deeper than typical classroom training. We immerse your people in a team building experience. Team members get to know each other in new ways, and new connections are formed. .... more

Team Performance Initiatives Workshop

Team Initiatives team building programs include experientially-based team exercises to enhance communication, trust, problem-solving and collaboration, and to break down barriers that prevent people from engaging with each other. .... more

Building High Performance Teams

Building High Performance Teams is an interactive skills-based team building program that focuses on the team building training principles and practices of effective teamwork, and how to apply this knowledge to real-time business challenges .... more

Know yourself…..Know Your Team

This workshop session introduces teams to the Belbin Team Based Personality Profile, and the interpersonal strengths and challenges of the individual within the workplace. .... more

Teamwork Skills Workshop

Teamwork Skills is a modular team building program that provides teams with a comprehensive system of team building training skills that involve team communication, 6 conversations of decision-making, intentional listening, problem-solving, break through action planning, process improvement, and more. .... more

Building Senior Leadership Teams

Building Senior Leadership Teams is a highly interactive team development experience for senior teams that blends the principles of high performance teamwork with customized facilitation or breakout groups on important organizational challenges requiring executive collaboration. .... more

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